Henry Majed
Henry Majed

Henry is co-founder of MyMynd, the digital health platform tackling the rising challenge of mental health & well being in workplaces and society, intensified by Covid19 and lockdown. MyMynd enables early, targeted intervention for those in need, and proactively supports individuals to improve their overall wellbeing, unlocking the potential to thrive.

Henry most recently led Innovation Gateway, an award-winning alliance of leading corporations, working together to get ahead of climate impacts of their buildings and built environment. He previously held senior roles with Mars, Johnson & Johnson, Twentieth Century Fox and served as an advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Henry is also aVisiting Fellow of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Said Business School, University of Oxford where he leads programmes on leadership, innovation, resilience and ‘SDGs& Business’. He is a regular industry speaker on ‘Leading for Resilience’. He completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge and MBA at the University of Oxford.

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The Power of Wellbeing: Getting ahead of mental health in our new work environment